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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I have never been more impressed or felt more like a person/patient rather than just another number than I have with Dr. Sweet and Brittany. I have now seen both these wonderful Ladies for almost 10 years now and although they won't mollycoddle me to make think things are better than what they are but they will do it with such a caring and kindness that I have always felt like they were more a member of my family than my doctors. When I started the HIV medication I had such a strong reaction adverse reaction to it that my legs swelled nearly three times their normal size, broke out in hundreds of blood spots all over my skin and rashes and hives all over as well. I was so miserable but put up with it the symptoms for nearly four days to the point that I almost couldn't move my legs at all and would fall when I tried to stand. When I finally decided to quit being such a baby and being scared and called Dr. Sweet they immediately said get him to the ER quickly where I spent the next week or so in the hospital dealing with sepsis and an angry Doctor Sweet, not angry and mean or anything like that but angry with me for waiting to let her know what was going on. She gave me the best advice which was so simple but she said I can't fix what I don't know about. Those words still ring true and if there's anything that ever pops up and with HIV/AIDS you know something always does but Dr. Sweet and Brittany are so quick to jump on whatever it is and get it taken care of. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I would not be alive now if it weren't for these two lovely Ladies and their wonderful team of everyone at the clinic. The entire clinic makes you feel like an old friend as soon as you walk in. The angels in Heaven I know stand up, look and listen when Dr. Sweet, Brittany and this entire clinic is even mentioned. Thank you both Dr. Sweet and Brittany and the rest of the clinic.
5 Stars

Dr. Sweet is an AMAZING Dr. With a passion for healing and fighting HIV... you can FEEL it when she talks to you!